General Tech

Having computer or system problems?

Please start with re-booting your computer. Believe it or not, this is the most frequent remedy when students experience problems (network connectivity, individual applications, etc.) We recommend that you completely shutdown and restart your laptop once a day.

We do have a limited number of loaner laptops should you need to borrow one while your laptop is out of service.

We are happy to help and advise with computer issues that you may experience, normal computer maintenance, etc. We try to avoid pulling out the screwdrivers to replace hard drives, laptop screens, etc. Before, during, and after a class, you can likely find Mr Dickerson and Mr Chandler in the Learning Studio and Auditorium in the Claude Moore Education Building. Most of the remaining Med Ed Technology staff office in the “Medical Education Support” area on the 1st floor of the Health Sciences Library and are happy to meet with students as well.

The most reliable way to contact us is via email to

YouTube channel – UVASOM Med Ed Technology

Our Med Ed Technology “How-To” playlist with short video clips that address common technology issues raised by our students.

A/V or tech support in a classroom or meeting room

We do support most of the classrooms, labs, skill centers, and conference rooms in the Medical Education Building, MR4, MR5, MR6, Pinn Hall, and some in McKim Hall. During daytime hours, call 434-214-0069 to reach the designated on-call staff member.