Most of our applications use NetBadge to authenticate you as a user; so, you will see this screen a lot. If you’ve already installed your digital certificate you can just click “Log In” on the left.

NetBadge screen

If not, on the right you can use either your “academic” password (SIS, UVA email, library, etc) which you must change annually or your “health system” password (Epic, Health System email) which you must change every 60 days. These 2 passwords can start out the same but will quickly get out of sync. As such, we recommend (but do not require) the use of a password manager.

Which Password?

In addition to these passwords, you’ll need to use Duo for 2-factor authentication. Make sure you check the “remember me for 7 days” box to avoid having to do this step every time  you login.

Duo screen

Finally, you’ll want to print out some bypass codes in case you find yourself without your phone and in need of logging in to take, say, a summative exam.