Interviewing with UVA Family Medicine

Dinner with our residents (evening before the interview)

There will be a virtual group gathering with residents and our residency manager or assistant coordinator the evening before interviews.

If you do not get an email from a resident host by 48 hours before your interview day, please contact residency coordinator Myrtha Veldhuis at, as it is always possible for our intended emails to get lost in the internet ethers.

Interview Day

All interviews will be virtual this year from roughly 8:30am-1:30pm.

Intro with Program Director: Dr. Gazewood is very excited to meet you, and this introduction serves to welcome you to our residency program. All applicants will interview with either Dr. Gazewood or the Associate Program Director, Dr. Sarah Dalrymple.

Interviews: There are four 30-minute sessions where you will get to meet three faculty members and one resident.  Your interview group will rotate through meeting these four people individually, in break out rooms, thus the order in which you interview with each will be different per applicant.

Tour: Our Family Medicine Primary Care Center is nestled in the heart of the hospital, and the tour will take place all indoors. We’ll take you on a virtual tour of the resident “hot spots” and anything else you want: clinic, the wards, call rooms, gym, cafeteria, best places to get coffee… and of course all of the various lounges around the hospital we hang out!

Noon: At this time, you will have a Q&A with one of our interns to as answer any questions you may have about our program.

Why Virtual Interviews?

Though there are pros and cons to in-person, virtual, and hybrid interviews, we’re aware that virtual interviews are associated with a more equitable Match process. We plan to have an in-person second look for applicants who interview with us; this will be scheduled in February, after our rank list is certified but before applicants are due, so that the second look doesn’t affect the Match from our end while still giving you a chance to meet us and experience Charlottesville, UVA, and UVA Family Medicine in-person before applicants certify your rank lists.