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Graduating Class of 2019

In addition to the strong curriculum, our Program has a distinguished record of graduating excellent family doctors and has a 100% pass rate on Board examinations. The Program also has a record of successfully placing residents in a variety of settings, including rural communities, urban areas, suburban private practice, Community Health Centers, academic sites, and fellowship programs.

Recent graduates have entered practices in Alaska, Guam, and Nepal, as well as less exotic locations in the Charlottesville area. As a program that stresses diversity, fosters residents’ professional interests, reinforces life-long learning, and pursues excellence, we hope to ensure a steady stream of outstanding family physicians to provide care for future populations.

To all of this add in the vitality and culture of the university itself, and it is easy to see why we here all agree that the UVA Family Medicine Residency brings together the best of many worlds, and leaves our residents prepared to excel in whatever practice setting they choose.

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