Choosing a Faculty Residency Advisor

All students are encouraged to select and Faculty Residency Advisor in February/March. We encourage you to contact one of our Residency Advisors directly to share your decision to become a family medicine physician.

Our advising group function as a team in the sense that all students are reviewed by all our faculty advisors. Each student will, however, be assigned to a specific faculty advisor to provide individualized guidance. These assignments will be made in March/April and are done in such a way to balance the number of students working with any one individual faculty member.

If you are uncertain about your specialty selection and still considering choosing family medicine, please contact Dr. Sean Reed, our Pre-Doctoral Director and head Residency Advisor. We are pleased to help you come up with a plan to determine if family medicine is right specialty for you. Your College Dean will serve as your advisor until you have made a decision about your residency training.

Family Medicine Faculty Residency Advisors


Sean Reed, MD

Sean Reed, MD
Director of Family Medicine Predoctoral Education

Karen Maughan, MD

Karen Maughan, MD Assistant Family Medicine Residency Director

Sharon Diamond, MD Medical Director of Primary Care Center Clinic