Curriculum Highlights

Our program provides our residents an outstanding, well-rounded training experience.  Our unique strengths and curricular offerings enhance our resident’s training.

Another element that is unique to our program is the “hybrid nature” of the curriculum. While many rotations take place at the University of Virginia Hospital, we also have a strong emphasis on, and have required curricular elements in, rural medicine. You will find that many of our resident rotations take place in the offices of physicians in the community rather than at the University of Virginia Hospital. This allows our residents to experience the “real world feel” that is prevalent in many community programs. We are proud that 20% of our graduates practice in rural communities.

Our primary teaching practice offers residents a diverse range of patients. We provide care to University faculty and staff, residents of surrounding rural counties, and Charlottesville’s public housing communities. We also care for a large number of refugee and immigrant patients in our  International Family Medicine Clinic.