Third-Year Family Medicine Clerkship

Ambulatory Internal Medicine (AIM) and Family Medicine (FM)

AIM and Family Medicine Clinical Clerkship Support Office

  • Assigns students to sites
  • Prepares all materials for the rotation to include schedules, housing information, clerkship handouts and preceptor information
  • Organizes monthly workshops
  • Tabulates and submits student evaluations and grades
  • Prepares and administers the NBME shelf exam (Family medicine only)

Placement Information

  • Sites are recruited for the AIM and FM clerkships in the fall for the next academic year.
  • Clerkship coordinators match students to sites based on the names and designations sent to them from Student Affairs.
  • Assignments are done at least one month prior to the start of a clerkship rotation.

You may be asked prior to receiving your rotation assignment if you can provide your own housing in various locations. This information, as well as other factors, will be used in making the AIM and FM assignments. Please remember that we cannot guarantee your placement in a particular location even if you do have housing there.

Students are randomly assigned to sites unless:

  • a student is deemed to be a “compassionate consideration” by Student Affairs, or
  • a student has requested placement in Northern Virginia (because they have housing), or
  • a student has requested placement in Southwest Virginia

Match information is emailed to students approximately one month before the start of the rotation.
Immediately upon receiving this assignment, you should notify the office if you think you will NOT be using your assigned housing. Failure to do so at that time will result in your bearing any costs associated with canceling the housing.

Contact Information – AIM and FM Offices

Evan B. Heald, MD, AIM Clerkship Director
Catherine F. Casey, MD Family Medicine Clerkship Director
LeAnn Hopkins, Clerkship Administrator AIM & FM 434-297-7475
Sydney Birckhead, Clinical Clerkship Support 434-982-2516
Minerva Hill, Clinical Clerkship Support 434-924-9609