Dr. Lynch cares for Bolivia


pediatric anesthesiologist Lyn Wells bonds with a young patient. Photo courtesy of Mission of Hope, used by permission.

Since September 2003, Carl Lynch has made spring and fall trips to Mission of Hope Bolivia, an independent mission hospital in Santa Cruz de la Sierra that provides care for the indigent throughout Bolivia.

During the spring trips, they provide anesthesia care to adult and pediatric patients having otolaryngologic surgery.  The fall care is provided to patients having gynecologic and general surgery.

Since 2005, over 20 residents, former UVA residents, or faculty members have gone on these trips. Since 2005, Dr. Lyn Wells has also participated in and directed anesthetic care on the spring trips.

At this time, due to legal concerns, residents and others “in training” status are not able to participate in these trips.


Dr. Lynch (on table) with the OR staff of anesthesiologists, surgeons, nurses, and technicians from the Fall, 2011, trip. Former resident Rob Nicholson hovers over Dr. Lynch’s right shoulder.