Megan Coughlin, M.D.

University of Virginia Anesthesiology resident, Megan Coughlin, MD

Megan Coughlin, M.D., University of Virginia

Hometown: Chesapeake, VA

Undergraduate School: Virginia Tech, Go Hokies!

Medical School: University of Virginia

Hobbies/Outside Interests: Taking my pups and baby for a walk, rugby, kayaking

Favorite things about/to do/to eat in Charlottesville: There are so many breweries, wineries, outdoor festivals to get a little bit of sunshine and happiness on any given weekend. My favs are Bold Rock Cider and Knights Gambit. Most places are super dog friendly, so we take the pups with us. There are also cool dog parks by the lake my boys can run in off leash and swim around, and lots of pace ins for kayaking and tubing. Fridays after Five are back with live music which we frequent with our friends. Its the reason we fell in love with C’ville!

Why did you choose UVA? I enjoyed the complexity of cases and the extensive training we get here. It really sets us apart from other programs. Major organ transplants (liver, heart, lungs) are really ramping up and giving me training in both complex management as well as complex resuscitation/bleeding cases. We also have no operating room fellows meaning every complex case goes to a resident and we are given experience and training beyond what many programs offer.

I also have to say that it is a truly unique circumstance that both our program director as well as our chair of anesthesiology are both women.  Being a male dominated field, it is always encouraging to have strong women in your corner!

Anesthesiology Interests: Critical care, Pain management, Traumas/Massive Transfusions

Favorite Rotation: 2nd Call: You carry the code/emergency airway pager and respond to all major emergencies and traumas in the hospital.