Partner in Discovery offers researchers the opportunity to make use of patient biospecimens, molecular data, and clinical data. In addition, we also offer clinical research services.

Graphic titled “Resources for Researchers – cancer patient data.” At center, a Venn diagram shows three overlapping circles labeled Clinical Data, Molecular Data and Specimens. An arrow emerges from each circle pointing to a corresponding text box. The arrow from the Clinical Data circle points to a text box reading “Patient history, physical assessment, family history, diagnosis, metastatic disease, tumor markers, pathology reports, etc.” The arrow from the Molecular Data circle points to a box reading “Matched WES for normal and tumor, RNAseq for tumor.” The arrow from the Specimens circle reads “Blood, cheek swabs, saliva, bone marrow aspirates, malignant samples, (liquid biopsy), etc.


Flow chart titled “How we collect our resources,” with elements overlaid on a large arrow pointing left to right. Three primary blue text boxes along the arrow, left to right, are titled 1) “Office of Clinical Research – Non-Treatment Research Operations team” with a small overlaid circle labeled “Consents,” 2) Biorepository Tissue Research Facility, with a small overlaid circle labeled “Specimens,” and 3) “PID” near the head of the arrow. Two more boxes branch out top and bottom from the PID box, the top one labeled Research and “Clinical Trial Analytics,” and the bottom one labeled “Cancer Registry.” A small circle overlaid on the Cancer Registry box is labeled “Clinical Data. At the very tip of the arrow, a green text box reads “ORIEN Avatar Sequencing Program,” with a small circle overlaid that reads “Molecular Data.”

Genomics Data Resource

Large datasets like TCGA, GTEx, CCLE are now available for access on our local Rivanna Project Drive. The only ask is that you acknowledge the Cancer Center in future publications as well as inform us of these publications.

For access, please contact PID Program Director, Elizabeth Mulcahy at

Folder NameData availabilityAccess time (and requirements)
UVACC_publicCCLE RNAseq, WES, WGS, and mass specSame day
UVACC_TCGAAll available RNAseqDays (current dbGAP approval)
UVACC_GTExAll available RNAseqDays (current dbGAP approval)
ORIEN_Avatar325 clinical data elements, WES_n, WES_t, and RNAseq_t for ~900 UVA cancer patientsDays (project request,* signed data usage agreement, IRB exempt form** if de-identified)

*To access the Partners in Discovery Project Request Form, click here.
**To access the IRB exempt form, click here.

Clinical Research Services

Through the biobanking efforts of the Partners in Discovery team and UVA’s Biorepository and Tissue Research Facility (BTRF), our investigators will have access to these services: