Mission & Specific Aims

The mission of the Biostatistics Shared Resources (BSR) is to serve as a focal point for Cancer Center members to obtain assistance in the design, conduct, analysis, and reporting of their studies.

The specific aims of BSR are:

We Provide

  • Biostatistical collaboration and consultation in the design of clinical trials, observational studies, basic and translational studies. An appropriate statistical design is necessary if the research is to be successful in fulfilling its scientific objectives. Early consultation during the design phase of a study is highly recommended.
  • Expertise in statistical analysis. The specific methods employed depend on the randomization or sampling design (e.g., cross-sectional, longitudinal, case-control) of a particular project and on the scale (e.g., binary, ordered, categorical, continuous, survival) of the outcome variable being investigated. Statistical data analyses are performed using both packaged and special purpose computer programs. 
  • Database development and data management services and to ensure data quality control. 

We Also

  • Advise the Cancer Center’s Protocol Review Committee by critically reviewing protocols for statistical and scientific integrity. 
  • Assist the Cancer Center’s Data Safety & Monitoring Committee in monitoring approved clinical trials. 
  • Interact with other Shared Resources/Cores in better supporting the Cancer Center research programs. 
  • Offer education and training opportunities to the Cancer Center member and trainees, through formal and informal seminars, courses, and lectures. 
  • Conduct statistical methodology research for improving methods for design and analysis of cancer research.