NeuroCritical Care Fellowship

The Neurocritical Care fellowship at the University of Virginia is a UCNS-accredited two-year fellowship for Neurology, Internal Medicine and Emergency Medicine graduates. We also offer a one year option for Anesthesiology and Neurosurgery. We accommodate with one fellow per year with a goal of a junior and senior fellow at all times. The first-year fellow has primary clinical responsibilities in the neurology/neurosurgery critical care unit with two to three months of experience in other critical care areas, including neuroanthesiology. All training is supervised by Neurointensive care fellowship core faculty with increasing responsibility for inpatients. In the second year, clinical responsibilities are reduced in favor of either basic or clinical research, education development or administrative education. Research specialization at the University includes a wide variety of expertise, including, status epilepticus, stroke, neuroinfectious disease, neuroinflammation, subarachnoid hemorrhage and systems approaches to post-operative monitoring of Neurosurgical patients.

The goal of the fellowship is that, upon completion, the applicant will be skilled in neurocritical care as well as a broad range of intensive care management. We strive to produce Neurointensivists who are competent and comfortable in a wide variety of neurological and non-neurological critical care management issues to prepare them to fit into the Neurological and Critical Care structure in any hospital.

For more information please contact:
Bart Nathan, MD, FNCS, Professor of Neurology
Fellowship Director, NeuroIntensive Care
Departments of Neurology, Box 800394
NeuroCritical Care and NeuroInfectious Disease
University of Virginia
Charlottesville, Virginia, 22908