Memory & Adult Neuropsychology

Welcome to the University of Virginia’s Memory/Adult Neuropsychology Division, in the Department of Neurology. The division consists of neurologists, neuropsychologists, nurses, and social workers with expertise in aging, memory, and behavioral medicine.  We provide consultation and management for a range of neurological and neurodegenerative disorders. We also maintain an active research program, through which we conduct clinical trials and federal and state funded studies. Our comprehensive multi-disciplinary treatment approach includes pharmacotherapy and non-pharmacologic (behavioral) therapies.

Post Doctoral Fellowship in Neuropsychology


Memory and Aging Care Clinic (MACC)

Memory and Aging Care Clinic (MACC)

The University of Virginia’s Memory and Aging Care Clinic (MACC) has been recognized as
the model for dementia care across the state.

We take a patient and family-centered approach to providing high quality, compassionate, and comprehensive care for individuals with cognitive and memory problems.

We work closely with patients with Alzheimer’s disease, frontotemporal dementia, Lewy body disease, vascular and mixed dementias, and many other diseases. Our multidisciplinary clinical team includes neurologists, neuropsychologists, nurses, speech therapists, and social workers. We also collaborate with colleagues in neuroradiology and neurogenetics to provide specialized services on an individual basis.


Meet Our Team

Neuropsychology Faculty


Neurology Faculty


Neuropsychology Fellows
  • Julian Garcia, PsyD
  • Shannon Reilly, PhD
  • Jennifer Romano Morris, PsyD
  • Willie McBride, PhD


  • Lisa Sherwood
  • Robert Kortz
  • Indigo Williams




Clinical Coordinators
  • Lisa Opie, CCRC
  • Colleen Webber, CCRC


Care Coordinators
  • Elizabeth Boyd
  • Samantha Fields



To make an appointment, please call (434) 924-2706. For more information and directions:

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