In all of our programs, we take an interdisciplinary approach to providing comprehensive care for Parkinson’s disease, Huntington’s disease and other movement disorders. The core program staff work together with an interdisciplinary clinical team that includes nurses as well as physical, occupational, and speech therapists, and social workers.  We also collaborate with colleagues in neurogenetics, neuropsychology, and neurosurgery to provide specialized services on an individual basis.

The UVA Parkinson’s Disease Program has been recognized as an Advanced Center for Research by the American Parkinson’s Disease Association since 1990. The APDA also sponsors an Information and Referral center for PD-related questions at UVA.

The American Parkinson Disease Association (APDA) is the largest grassroots network dedicated to fighting Parkinson’s disease (PD) and works tirelessly to assist the more than 1 million Americans with PD  live life to the fullest in the face of this chronic, neurological disorder. Founded in 1961, APDA has raised and invested more than $170 million to provide outstanding patient services and educational programs, elevate public awareness about the disease, and support research designed to unlock the mysteries of PD and ultimately put an end to this disease. To join us in the fight against Parkinson’s disease and to learn more about the support APDA provides nationally through our network of Chapters and Information & Referral (I&R) Centers, as well as our national Research Program and Centers for Advanced Research, please visit us at

For more information contact: Susan Dietrich at 434-982-4482.

The UVA Huntington’s Disease Program has been designated as a Center of Excellence by the Huntington’s Disease Society of America since 2000 and provides interdisciplinary services through a monthly clinic dedicated to the care of patients and families with HD.

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