Clinical Trials

The Memory and Aging Care Clinic participates in many national multi-site clinical trials aimed at discovering new therapies that slow or stop the progression of different neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s disease, dementia with Lewy bodies, and frontotemporal dementia. We have a team of skilled clinical research coordinators who work closely with patients to determine their eligibility to participate in clinical trials and provide ongoing support and assistance.


Clinical Research Programs

The Memory and Aging Care Clinic (MACC) conducts several clinical research studies aimed at improving the quality of care and lives of patients with memory problems and their families. A sample of current clinical research programs is provided below.

FAMILIES: FAMILIES is a federally funded research program that provides counseling, support, and access to resources for family caregivers over several months. The program’s goal is to reduce caregiver burden and improve caregiver knowledge and skills. Caregivers in the greater Charlottesville area are eligible for participation.
(UVA IRB-HSR #17924; PI: Carol Manning, PhD)

Tele-FAMILIES: Tele-FAMILIES is a federally funded research program that provides the FAMILIES program to caregivers in Virginia, who live outside the greater Charlottesville area. The program is conducted with caregivers via tele-medicine equipment, eliminating the need for travel.
(UVA IRB-HSR #19378; PI: Carol Manning, PhD)

Care Coordination Program: The Care Coordination program provides patients and their care partners with the services of a designated Care Coordinator. Through this program, patients with recently diagnosed memory impairments, and their care partners, are provided support and services that fit their individual needs. The goals of this research program are to improve the quality of memory care.
(UVA IRB-HSR #18715; PI: Carol Manning, PhD)

Effective Strategies Program: The Effective Strategies Program is a 10 week pilot program that provides educational sessions to individuals with memory impairment. Each session is led by clinicians from different specialties who have expertise in aging and memory care. The overarching goal of this research program is to preserve functioning and independence in those with memory loss.
(UVA IRB-HSR #18715; PI: Carol Manning, PhD)

A listing of clinical trials can be found at:

For more information or to learn more about ongoing clinical trials and clinical research programs, please call or email one of our Clinical Research Coordinators:

Colleen Webber at (434) 243-5898
Jordan Oliva at (434) 924-0453