Appointments and Referrals


Phone:  434-924-8129
Toll-free: 1-866-244-4040
Fax:  434-243-6726
Email: Dr. Sheehan 

Lars Leksell Center for Gamma Knife Surgery University of Virginia
Primary Care Center
1215 Lee Street
Room G512
P.O. Box 800742
Charlottesville, VA  22908-0742

To initiate a review of your case by our neurosurgeons

Please send the following information to the address above:

1.    Your medical records and any imaging studies (film, CD, or DVD is acceptable).
2.    Contact information including name, address, phone, email, and fax number.
3.    A description of your current symptoms including severity, duration, etc.
4.    Any questions or concerns you would like us to address.

After your case has been reviewed, our staff will contact you to discuss our opinion of your case and the treatment options we feel are most appropriate.

To send your information to us please consider the following options:

1.    U.S. Postal Service (it will take up to 2 weeks to arrive)
2.    Federal Express
3.    All other carriers such as Priority Mail, UPS, Airborne x-press (it will take an additional 3-4 business days to arrive since the images arrive at our shipping dock)

* A Note About Film Return: All films are returned via regular mail and will take up to 2 weeks to reach you. If you would like express return delivery, please include a prepaid express shipping form (with the service of your choice) with your medical information.

Special Services

Patients and families who come to the University of Virginia Health System can take advantage of a broad range of services aimed at making their visit more comfortable and less stressful.

Special Meals
We can accommodate any dietary requirements you may have for religious reasons, due to allergies, or for any other cause. Just let us know in advance.

Translation Services
Patients come to us from around the globe. We are able to meet any language requirements you may have. Our translators treat all medical communications as confidential. So we may best meet your needs, please request this service when you make your appointment.

Special Assistance
The University of Virginia Health System is large, and a visit to the hospital or a clinic can be overwhelming. We would be happy to meet you and help you find your way or assist with special needs you may have. We could also stay with you to help you know what to expect and to understand any tests or procedures you may undergo.

Transportation Assistance
Please contact our Gamma Knife office for information about valet parking, wheelchairs, and other parking services.

Lodging Assistance
Please check this site for information about hospitality houses, Ronald McDonald House, hotel/motel discounts, and short-term apartment arrangements.

Hearing Impaired Services
Please check this site for sign language, TDD, and close-caption services.

If your child is at the hospital or the Kluge Children’s Rehabilitation Center for an extended period, their schooling can be continued on-site, with classes lead by Masters level educators. A teacher at the hospital will also serve as a liaison to your local school district to assure continuity and re-integration.