UVA TBI Network

The goals of the UVa Multidisciplinary Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Network for Clinical Research are to:

  • Operate a multi-disciplinary system of care and research to address the needs of patients and their families.
  • Provide new directions for research in improving quality of life and other patient-oriented outcomes.
  • Design long-term studies that can better capture the relationship of patient outcomes to interventions at different time points in the continuum of care.
  • Examine emerging technologies (such as imaging, pharmaceuticals, and web-based memory aids) that can improve vocational outcome and community integration.

Strengths of the UVa TBI Network include:

  • Senior leadership.
  • Expertise across the continuum of care for TBI patients.
  • An extensive history of outstanding performance.
  • A highly collaborative team.
  • A tradition of excellence in patient care by professionals and in facilities with the highest level of accreditation.

The largely rural patient population that the UVA Health System serves has a substantial number of patients with TBI. The TBI Network shares a sincere commitment to improve the care, management and outcomes of patients with TBI.

UVa TBI Continuum of Care: Learn how a patient is cared for by the full UVA TBI Network, from their first contact with emergency personnel through recovery and re-integration into the community.