Our Fellows

Joshua Reyes, MD, PGY- 5

Hi everyone! Welcome to UVA Pediatrics! My name is Josh, and I’m very excited that you are considering UVA for your pediatric fellowship. I’ve completed both medical school and residency at UVAs. The program here is home to some of the best people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting and working with. The faculty has an unwavering commitment to teaching and creating an environment that is both productive for work and learning. The residents and fellows here are amazing people, and it really is like a big family.

And, where else could be a nicer place to live? Charlottesville has a perfect balance of entertainment, food, and outdoor activities. The food scene is great, and I love that I can go on a hike in the morning, and come back to a craft brewery or winery in the evening. There’s lots of other entertainment as well, and things have adapted nicely to the new normal. Basically, Charlottesville has something for everyone – all you have to do is look!