Neonatology Quality

The NICU at UVA strives to provide the highest quality care for all of our patients every single day. Our multidisciplinary leadership team meets daily to follow outcomes and improve upon the care that is delivered to our patients.

The NICU is a Level IV provider of neonatal services, which means infants rarely need to be transported elsewhere for care. As a Regional Perinatal Center, UVA also treats infants who are born in hospitals throughout the Mid-Atlantic region who need the expertise that we provide. Approximately 600 infants are treated in the NICU on an annual basis, with approximately 120 infants weighing less than 1,500 grams (3.3 pounds).

UVA is a founding member of the Virginia Neonatal Practice Collaborative that is striving to improve neonatal care throughout the Commonwealth. UVA is also a member of the Vermont Oxford Network.

In an effort to provide full transparency, our quality outcomes data can be found at this link.

Quality Designations that the NICU has achieved include:

The Division of Neonatology and the NICU have been leaders in the Children’s Hospital and the Medical Center in implementing lean methodology through UVA’s “Be Safe” initiative to become the safest place to work and deliver healthcare. NICU leaders meet on a daily basis to discuss system processes that prevent the delivery of safe and efficient care. In addition, faculty and fellows use the PDSA methodology to improve care, using the Vermont Oxford Network for benchmarking purposes. Current projects that have led to significant improvements in care include:

  • Reduction in unplanned extubations
  • Central line associated blood stream infection prevention
  • Reducing hypothermic temperatures on NICU admission
  • Increasing breast milk utilization and reducing misadministration
  • Increasing antibiotic administration timeliness
  • Decreasing severe intraventricular hemorrhage
James P Nataro, MD, PhD, MBA, Department of Pediatrics Chair