Program Overview

Our Division

Dr. Schoelwer, Dr. DeBoer and Dr. Esquivel at the ATTD International Diabetes Meeting

There are eight Ped Endo faculty members, two psychologists, two nurse practitioners, five RN Care Coordinators, two dietitians/nutritionists, two social workers, one clinical research coordinator, and two administrative assistants.  We hold most of our clinics in the modern Battle Building adjacent to the UVA hospital.  We have a satellite clinic in Winchester, VA. Our inpatients are on the newly renovated 7th floor of the hospital building.  We have a close relationship with Internal Medicine Endocrinology and collaborate in clinics, conferences, and research.





Our Clinics

Dr. Esquivel on Grounds adjacent to the Medical Center

We have our core Endocrinology Clinics and Diabetes Clinics in the Battle Building.  The Diabetes Clinics have a psychologist, a social worker, a dietitian, and an RN care coordinator in the clinic.  Diabetes schedules are set up to allow for a download of pumps and meters (if not already done ahead of time from home) and a point of care A1c while the patient is checking in.  Then a social worker, dietitian, or RN care coordinator spends 30 minutes with the family, followed by 40 minutes for the physician or nurse practitioner.  Endocrine clinics are also based on a 40-minute visit for all patients: new or established.  We have similar schedules at the Winchester satellite except that the diabetes team member has their 30-minute visit by telemedicine.  There are several multidisciplinary specialty clinics at the Battle Building.  Our TransHealth clinic follows about 350 adolescents and young adults are held in conjunction with Adolescent Medicine and held in the Teen and Young Adult Center.  We also have multidisciplinary clinics including Endocrine with Heme/Onc, Endocrine with Cystic Fibrosis, Endocrine with Neuromuscular, and Differences in Sexual Development clinics with Endocrine, Urology, Genetics, Ethics, and Adolescent Medicine.


Our History

Our Pediatric Endocrinology Fellowship has been active since 1974 and some of our fellows include:

David Goldstein, Carol Huseman, Michael Stelling, Grafton Reeves, Michael Stelling, George Bright, David Langdon, Larry Dolan, Tom Wilson, Nelly Mauras, Kathleen Link, Francisco Nieves-Rivera, Michele Christie, Daniel Metzger, Paul Martha, Jay McDonald, Mark Parker, Catherine Christie, James Kerrigan, Nancy Wright, Pamela Clark, Milagros Huerta, Lisa Dunham-Houchin, Demet Basdemir, Erick Richmond, Martin Draznin, Susan Demartini, Brent Logan, Lauren Wood Heickman, and Ladan Davallow.  Some of our past faculty have included Robert Blizzard and William Clarke.