Program Overview

First Year

The first year experience is primarily clinical, and includes the following rotations:

  • Inpatient hematology and oncology – 24 weeks
  • Outpatient hematology and oncology – 12 weeks
  • Hematology rotation (including transfusion medicine, hematopathology, special coagulation) – 6 weeks
  • Bone marrow transplant – 4 weeks
  • Radiation Oncology – 2 weeks
  • Research Exploration – 2 weeks

Second & Third Years

The second and third years of training are devoted primarily to research experience, and we offer strong research mentorship and abundant opportunities for basic science, translational, and clinical research projects.  Fellows are also required to participate in the Fellows forum, a pediatric fellow’s class every 2 weeks covering statistics, epidemiology, clinical research design, and other areas pertinent to all pediatric fellows.