International Medicine

The Department of Emergency Medicine at the University of Virginia offers opportunities to acquire Spanish Language skills and experience medicine in the highlands of Guatemala! 

As the current trends towards globalization continue, so does the need to support, promote and develop the specialty of emergency medicine. If you enjoy learning about other cultures and traveling to distant places, then international medicine is for you.

The program distinct to this department is our UVA-Guatemala Initiative.  It is a program designed to enhance the knowledge and experience of students, residents, fellows, faculty, and staff by learning, supporting, and even practice, as authorized, in an underdeveloped country.  Our program is commonly referred to as both Guatemala-Initiative as well as SLC-Guatemala reflecting the focus on Service, Language, and Culture (SLC).

For UVA residents and 4th year medical students, SLC-Guatemala offers the opportunity to travel to Guatemala for 4-8 weeks and participate in a carefully mentored program that incorporates medical service, Spanish language acquisition, and cultural education.

For 1st year medical students, CNLs (Clinical Nurse Leaders), and undergraduate students, Summer Opportunities Abroad (SOA-Guatemala) offers the opportunity to travel to Guatemala for 6-8 weeks and participate in carefully mentored research that supports the needs of the communities in Guatemala.

Click on UVA-Guatemala Initiative to read further on the programs available.

For more information about other global health opportunities through the university, contact the Center for Global Health.