David Auble

Auble, David T.

Primary Appointment

Professor, Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics


  • AB, Biochemistry, Bowdoin College
  • PhD, Biochemistry, Case Western Reserve University
  • Postdoc, Molecular Biology, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

Contact Information

PO Box 800733
1340 JPA Pinn Hall Room 6213A
Charlottesville, VA 22908
Telephone: 434-243-2629
Fax: 434-924-5069
Email: dta4n@virginia.edu
Website: http://people.virginia.edu/~dta4n/auble_lab/index.html

Research Disciplines

Biochemistry, Bioinformatics and Genomics, Biophysics, Biophysics & Structural Biology, Epigenetics, Genetics, Molecular Biology

Research Interests

Molecular Mechanisms of Transcriptional Regulation

Research Description

We are interested in understanding how gene expression is regulated. Our main research goal is to understand the molecular mechanisms responsible for assembly and disassembly of transcription preinitiation complexes at promoters, a major regulatory step in the complex process of RNA synthesis. Much of our work exploits the budding yeast system, although we also work with human cells as well.

Our analysis of transcription preinitiation complex assembly led us to consider fundamental questions about chromatin binding dynamics in cells. We seek to understand not only pathways for assembly and activity of transcription complexes in vivo, but the time scales on which these processes occur, how efficient they are in a cell population, and how stable complexes are once they assemble on chromatin. To address these questions, we developed a method that allows us to measure chromatin binding kinetics at specific chromosomal sites in cells. We also have a longstanding interest in the molecular mechanisms of regulatory factors that control transcription complex assembly, which we address using combined biochemical, biophysical, molecular, genetic and genomic experimental approaches.

Selected Publications